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Buy an UP-mini-2 Engineering Promo

Buy an UP-mini-2 Engineering Promo

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When it comes to desktop 3D printers, the smaller the better for a lot of people. Compact printers have always been popular, and Tiertime's UP mini 2 3D printer is no exception. The Chinese printer manufacturer has found a great deal of success in their line of UP printers, and the UP mini has been loved for its ease of use and cost effectiveness. UP mini 2 is a perfect entry-level printer, ideal for educators or those just getting started in 3D printing. 

Like its predecessor, the mini 2 is compact, portable, and user friendly... in fact, it improves on all of those characteristics. It's the first printer in the UP series to have both a touch screen and a WiFi connection, enabling it to be controlled via mobile app and making it even easier to use than the original. The single extruder has a quick change mechanism for easy replacement, and the printer features on-board file storage and automatically generated, adjustable Smart Support Technology.  Its about as portable as you can get with a 3D printer. The mini 2 sports an aluminum handle for easy carrying. It also comes with a separate spool container, a nifty little case with a built-in toolbox to store your finishing tools.


up to 0.15mm layer thickness. Like the original mini, the printer is fully enclosed, but its door is now transparent so you can watch the printing process, lit by LED lighting on the inside. It is eco-friendly, with a built-in air filtration system to reduce emissions, and it's just aesthetically nicer to look at. Like most compact desktop printers, it is a very popular one for the classroom.The mini 2 is about the same size as its predecessor; it has the same build volume of 120 x 120 x 120 mm, with an improved print resolution of 

"UP mini 2 has the latest features available on 3D printing market, and it has also fine tuned those features to provide the best 3D printing experience.  We have given much thought about intuitive user interfaces to create more consumer friendly 3D printing environment," said Tiertime CEO Allen Guo. "As a world leading 3D printer manufacturer, Tiertime's greatest motivation is to meet the increasing demand for consumer 3D printers on the global market. We believe that UP mini 2 will become the best entry level 3D printing gadget for students at schools, kids at home and 3D printing fans everywhere."


Big superb performance, mini price. UP mini 2 is not only affordable, reliable and easy-to-use like the first generation UP mini, it also comes with many new features related to usability, portability and connectivity. The UP mini 2 is for people who want to start 3D printing in no time. A new sleek design packed with killer features, a versatile machine suitable for anyone, anywhere. Continue to be UPâ„¢s best value offer for desktop 3D printing, the UP mini 2 inherited all the good stuff of UP mini 1, including a low price point, easy to use and exceptional reliability. The print quality of UP mini 2 is a big leap, thanks to the new mechanical design and the capability to print in 0.15mm layers.
UP mini 2 is the first UP machine that uses touch screen control and WIFI. User can transfer print job wirelessly and use the touch screen panel to conveniently perform basic operations without a computer.

 Overview of new features

    -Touch screen control: Provide better 3D printing user experience. 
    -WIFI connection: WIFI support, enabling better user control of the 3D printer via mobile APPs.                    
    -Power failure protection: Resume print from where the last print is stopped due to power failure.  
     -Fully automatic nozzle height detection and software assisted leveling for easier startup   
    -Built-in HEPA air filtration: Reduce 3D printing air emissions and provide healthy and safe 3D printing environment.      
    -Aluminum handle and separate spool container with build-in toolbox: Easy to carry and handy to us.

Printing Technology

    Melted Extrusion Modeling ( MEM ) / FDM

Print Head

    Single, with quick change mechanism

Layer Thickness

    0.15/ 0.20/ 0.25/ 0.30/ 0.35mm

Layer Feature

    Automatically generated, easy to remove and fine-tunable

Build volume

    120 x 120 x 120 mm(W x H x D), 4.7" x 4.7" x 4.7"(W x H x D)

Platform Leveling

    Automatic Nozzle Height Detection, Software Assisted Leveling

Build Platform Type

    Heated, with Perforated Print Board or UP Flex Print Board

Untethered / Wifi Printing


Advanced Features

    Air Filtration, 

    4-inch LCD Touch-Screen, 

    Power Failure Protection, 

    On-board File Storage, 

    Aluminum portability handle, 

    Door Open Alert

Bundled Software

    UP Studio

Compatible Formats


Operating System

    Win XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, ISO

Power Supply

    110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 90 W


    Chassis Metal frame with plastic case, enclosed


    8 KG(20.3LB)


    255mm x 365mm x 385mm 

What's in the box: 

    UP mini 2 - 3D Printer
    UP Fila Station
    UP mini 2 Extruder                                                                  
    Tiertime power supply 90W & power cable
    UP flex 120 print board 
    Cell board for UP mini 
    500g spool of filament (1.75mm)
    Quick Start Guide

    Tool Kit: Calibration card, Filament guide tube, USB cable, Spare Nozzle & Nozzle Wrench, Gloves, Scraper, Pliers, hex wrench & spare screws

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