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CubePro Cartridge Wood

CubePro Cartridge Wood

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Wood is familiar

It’s a material of warmth and beauty that’s full of character and stories. Wood takes us back to our roots. Technology helps us grow.

Wood 3D printing material

Traditional. Organic. Real.

The blend of technology and tradition is more alive with wood 3D printing than it’s ever been. Like the rings of a tree, the layers of each 3D print are part of a longer story: a story of innovation and regeneration.


Wood 3D Printing Material can be used in place of real wood in home décor, the workshop and in the art studio. The ability to sand, drill, paint, stain, lacquer and seal provide more versatility that any other 3D print material in the marketplace.

Water sensitive

The prints will take on many properties of real wood. Wood 3D Printing Material will warp when exposed for a prolonged time to water or moisture. However, sealants and coatings can be applied to make the objects waterproof.

Real wood scent

Finished prints using Wood 3D Printing Material will have the same look, feel and scent of a real wood piece. It will have an odor as if you’ve just created a work from a block of maple.


Wood 3D Printing Material adds durability to prints that would be fragile when made from real wood. Prints can also be made with solid fill to give the heft and weight needed for long-lasting performance.

Finishing techniques

3D printing does not replace handcrafting; it complements it. Once printed, your creations are ready for sanding, staining, painting and finishing.

Download finishing techniques pdf

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